About Me

“Art is the lie that makes us realize truth.”

— Pablo Picasso


Bob Benvenuto is an artist/photographer living in Pueblo, Colorado.  He was born and raised in New York City and attended The School of Visual Arts. He has been in group exhibits in Boston, Santa Fe, and Denver with  solo exhibits at Colorado State University, Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, Kadoya Gallery and BloBack Gallery in Pueblo.  Bob has been a featured artist on artistaday.com, zealous.com, and risunoc.com. His work has found homes in corporate, university and private collections.


Is our vision of the world aroundus skewed in this advancing age of technology against a backdrop of decayingcultural and physical infrastructure? In this age of information overload it isincreasingly difficult to distinguish the authentic from the fake. With so manycontradictory images that stare at us from our personal devices, we aredeprived of being able to rely on our most elemental senses to validate ourexperience. An orchestrated narrative, artificial of course but they are notillusions. These composite images record the world of appearances seen througha veil of conjecture and contrivance. 



The images are pigment dye printed on rag paper in a limited edition of 10. All images are 22 inches wide and 17 inches high. Shipped flat $300.

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